Friday, October 21st, 2016

Why Hire a Counselor?

Some students and parents are capable of going through the college planning and application process on their own; however, gaining admission to college and choosing an environment that will provide a challenge as well as fulfilling experience for a student can be a complex endeavor. It may require specialized knowledge, experience, and time-consuming research often beyond the scope of a student and his or her family.  Just as parents hire tax preparation services or a contractor to remodel their home, they hire a college counselor to provide support, insight, and navigational expertise. The facts that 25% of students leave college during the first year and only 50% graduate within 5 or 6 years, are reasons to seek qualified help.

booksAs a college admissions counselor, my role is to facilitate a student's application process through highly individualized personal attention. I listen, consider, and carefully research in order to provide guidance so that the student and his or her family can make informed decisions during this often challenging and emotional transition from high school to college.

Together with the student and parent(s) we can determine which colleges will offer an academic, athletic (if applicable), and social climate most suited to the needs of the student. I hope to open up a range of possibilities for families and to demonstrate that merit and need-based aid can bring the cost of a private college down to where it is comparable to public colleges.  A good athlete may also have some college doors open to him or her that ordinarily would not be options.  Having this knowledge helps increase the number of choices and potential matches for students in profound ways.

My goal is to make the college search an enjoyable adventure.  Our success will be a good student-school match so that the college years are a rewarding process of personal, academic, and social growth.